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Fulvia S1 Coupe ‘Rosso Corsa Italia’ build. Sold.

Lancia Fulvia Coupe first series. The car was prepared for rally/race by renowned Lancia Fulvia specialists ‘Rosso Corsa Italia’ of Genova with the following documented changes: displacement increased to 1,245 cc; power supply with 2 Solex C40 double-barrel carburettors, trombonicini, double electric ignition pump, anti-explosion D-stop tank, aeronautical piping; re-profiled camshafts with 40-80-80-40 timing; lightened balanced crankshaft, lightened balanced flywheel of 6.9 kg, cylinder head with enlarged and re-profiled ducts; widened exhaust manifold 4-2-1 with free exhaust and double lambda probe for carburation control; gearbox 4 close gears with short bevel gear 8/41; suspension with stiffened front leaf spring, race shock absorbers and negative front camber with modified wishbones; Road Racing brake pads, aeronautical lines, air conveyors, hand brake with quick release; cooling with oversized water radiator, oil cooler, manually operated electric fan; extended underbody sump guard with engine and gearbox protection; electrical system with dynamo replaced by alternator and visible fuses; engine compartment and passenger compartment fire extinguishing system with three nozzles; windows replaced by Lexan 400 with rear air vent; complete roll-bar installation with all the side, front and rear cross members permitted by the regulations; ultra-light body both in the passenger compartment and in the rear compartment with perforated rear cross member and other improvements. Car registered ASI and also equipped with regularity fiche historic cars racing cars and HTP technical passport. The cost to have this car professionally built far out weighs the our sale price! As with all historic rally cars prepared to this category it is road legal and can be driven on the road.